Been a while! Don’t remember patties being so small. (at In-N-Out Burger - Victorville)

Like mother like son.

Sardines… We can relate with ya! #lifeofamissionarykid

Headed to CA! Telling the children we are on vacation to help ease the drive a little bit! :) We would appreciate your prayers for safety and sanity. (at Hampton Inn Birch Run)

Thankful for the privilege to share our ministry with First Baptist Bridgeport, MI. Our team of missionaries posing for a picture at the entrance of the church. (at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, MI)

Eyes on the prize! (at Tony’s I-75)

Ready for the challenge. (at Tony’s I-75)

If you’re ever in MI, gotta visit this diner! (at Tony’s I-75)

:) (at Temple Baptist Church)

Looking out to the sunset… It’s easy being a #deputationbaby (at The Beach!)